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The purpose of this website is to honor our ancestors by preserving the history and heritage of the Roberts Switch community and to keep residents and friends informed regarding community events. 

"As we learn about our ancestors and attempt to gather up the scattered fragments remaining from their lives, we are impressed with how quickly the many details of life's drama - its joys and sorrows, it struggles and triumphs, its dreams and disappointments - are all erased. Often all that remains of our ancestor's stories are colorless statistics: when they were born, where they lived, the children they bore, and when they died. We come away with a sense of our mortality and the conviction that nothing of all that happens under the sun truly matters, save a life sincerely and devoutly consecrated to Jesus Christ."

Kurt Simmons Kemp, 2012, ggg-grandson of Barnett Kemp who was 2nd husband of Mary (Roberts) Mott a sister to Joseph Roberts

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Loop, Texas Reunion of one branch of the Humphrey Roberts Line:  Gracie and I had the priviledge of attending the reunion in Loop, Texas.  Wonderful time, wonderful folks.  We know from DNA that Humphrey and our Joseph have a common ancestor.  We're still looking for the name.  Roy will let us know one day.

Our Richardson Connection: 25 Aug 22


QR CODES: Please note that a new tab has been added above entitled QR Codes.  You may click this tab and follow the link to the QR codes that we have generated and posted so far.  If you have any historical places or other heritage items you would like a QR code loaded for, please let me know.  This is not just for cemeteries but anything related to our history/heritage.  If you don't know how to use a QR code, ask your grandchildren to show you.  :o)






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